Spirit of India

To mark the spirit of India’s 71st Independence Day, Indo-Canada Association held a picnic on August 19th, Saturday in Centennial Park for families living in Moncton, Canada but their strings are attached to their homeland. We had around 40 families who have enthusiastically participated in the event.

A recapitulation of the events for you all. The celebration started with Flag hoisting followed by a group choral of National Anthem and ‘Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Humara’ patriotic songs, a brief introduction by the newcomers to Moncton and a warm welcome by the Indo Canadian Association, followed by Fun-packed games – ‘Catching the Dragon’s Tail’ – battle between men and women teams and ‘Dodgeball’ played by all the age groups in 2 teams. In the end, everyone enjoyed potluck of scrumptious mouth-watering snacks with tea and an enjoyable evening ended with a ‘Group picture’ – Say Cheese!!!

Thank you everyone for your whole-hearted participation and making the event a memorable one.

Written by Shikha Sobti